At Lauren’s, we cater to every need. Whether it’s getting your foot to you by van, catering your events or taking into account your allergies, we do it because we care. 

We want to make sure our food is not only delicious but safe for all our lovely customers, whatever their dietary needs. 

We take allergies seriously, which is why we will always make you aware of any allergens in our foods. 

Recently we did some digging into the world of allergies and found out 3 interesting facts about food allergies that we thought we would share with you. 

Around 1-10% of adults and children in the UK have a food hypersensitivity (The Association of UK Dietitians (BDA),2015)

With up to 10% of the population having a food hypersensitivity a business such as ours needs to be diligent in our practice. For over 25 years we have continued to be professional in our practice, caring for our staff and customers. 

Most food allergies affect young children under the age of 3. 

Surprisingly most food allergies affect young children under the age of 3 (NHS,2019) fortunately according to the anaphylaxis campaign some children will outgrow allergies. Studies suggest that around 20% of children with a. peanut allergy will outgrow it (Anaphylaxis Campaign, 2017). This is why it is recommended to have allergy tests done throughout childhood and early adulthood to monitor allergies. 

There are 14 major food allergens need to be mentioned on labels. 

According to Allergy UK, there are 14 main food allergens, although anyone can be allergic to a variety of different things – food-related or not! 

The main food allergies are as follows: 

Celery; Cereals containing gluten; Crustaceans; Eggs; Fish; Lupin; Milk; Molluscs; Mustard; Tree Nuts; Peanuts; Sesame seeds; Soya and Sulphur dioxide. (Allergy UK, 2020)

At Lauren’s, we will always inform you what is in our food, making it clear to what our foods contain and keep you safe. 

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