6 Unrivalled Benefits of Eating Fresh Produce

6 Unrivalled Benefits of Eating Fresh Produce

Eating fresh produce has a multitude of health benefits that few people are truly aware of, and if they are, even fewer properly take advantage of it. Eating fresh usually involves including nutrient-dense, healthful foods in your diet from all the major food groups, with whole grains, lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats all being included. Replacing foods that contain added salt, trans fats or sugar is also recommended. Read on to find out more about the unrivalled benefits of eating fresh produce!

Helping your heart

Heart and circulatory diseases are becoming an increasingly worrisome issue for the country, causing a whopping quarter of all deaths in the UK! With the growing high blood pressure problem in this country too, it’s vitally important we make efforts to protect our heart health.

The dietary approach to preventing hypertension and heart disease of this kind is through eating some fantastically healthy foods, such as:

  • Eating plenty of fruits, veg, and healthy whole grains
  • Choosing low fat or fat free dairy products, poultry, fish, vegetable oils, nuts, beans
  • Limiting trans and saturated fat intake, including full fat dairy produce and fatty meat
  • Limiting sugary foods and drinks
  • Restricting your sodium intake drastically by less than 2,300mg a day and increasing consumption of magnesium, potassium, and calcium

Fighting cancer

Antioxidant rich food can massively reduce the risk for a person in developing certain cancers by protecting the cells in a person’s body from developing damage. Free radical presence in the body can drastically increase the risk of someone developing cancer, but antioxidants can help remove these free radicals and lower the risk of the disease developing.

Fresh produce high in antioxidants include berries (raspberries, blueberries), dark leafy greens, carrots, pumpkins, seeds, and nuts.

Boosting mood

We know now that there is an inextricable relationship between mood and diet. Studies have shown that diets with a high glycaemic load (such as highly processed foods and sugary drinks) may trigger an increase in symptoms of fatigue and depression. Fresh fruit, vegetables, and whole grains have a much lower glycaemic load.

Restoring gut health

The colon is full of the kind of naturally occurring bacteria which effectively regulates digestion and metabolism. A diet that is too low in fibre and higher in fat and sugar can drastically alter the microbiome of the gut, increasing inflammation. However, a diet that is rich in fresh produce such as fruits, veg, whole grains and legumes provide a combination of probiotics and prebiotics that can help good bacteria develop in this part of the body.

Winning over weight loss

Much of the fresh produce we have come to associate with a balanced diet (including beans, fruit, and veg) present lower calories options than the plethora of processed foods that permeates the modern diet. Dietary fibre is particularly important for the management of weight, and plant-based, fresh produce can provide us with plenty of this.

Stronger teeth and bones

A diet rich in magnesium and calcium is vital for strong teeth and bones. Fresh produce rich in calcium includes food such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, tofu and legumes.

If you are looking for a reliable buffet caterer to provide you with delicious and exciting food for your Jubilee party, look no further than Lauren’s Catering.

We are a family run firm and have been catering for the people of Gloucester for over 25 years, so you may well know us already. We are incredibly talented when it comes to cooking up a variety of tasty food. We take pride in delivering a service that leaves our customers feeling best pleased!

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Benefits of Buffet Catering

Benefits of Buffet Catering

At Lauren’s Catering we understand the importance of a good buffet, and so we offer buffet catering for a range of different functions that include birthdays, children’s parties, christenings, corporate events, funerals, family gatherings and weddings. Buffets are usually a popular option amongst the British public, but what really are the benefits to buffet catering? We thought it would be worth giving you an insight into why we think buffets are such a great catering option!


First and foremost, buffets offer a fantastic possibility for true variety. While plated meals can limit guests to a couple of pre-selected menu options, a buffet allows guests to access a wide spread of deliciously different dishes, prepared by a professional catering service capable of offering high-quality snackable foods. Since the food can be supplied garnished on platters and delivered by refrigerated vehicles, you won’t lose the quality you have come to expect from pre-selected meals.


More than anything, a buffet encourages greater socialisation and the development of personal connections, since people tend to stay seated at their tables when plated meals are served. When there is a buffet around, people get up and move through the line, giving them an opportunity to interact with other guests, mingle and socialise. They might meet someone new or stop at a friend’s table on the way back from the buffet line.

Appetite considerations

Because plated meals are served in typically standard portions, they don’t take into consideration the different appetites that guests might have. Someone who has been too preoccupied to eat might find portions insufficient, while someone who doesn’t have much of an appetite might have food left on their plate. With a buffet, guests are able to take what they like dependent on their appetite, so the personalisation improves the quality of the buffet.


Buffets are typically less expensive than plated meal options. Because meals of this kind can be made in bulk and don’t have to be presented in separate portions, buffet caterers can eliminate the cost required by employing extra serving staff. At Lauren’s Catering, all of our tasty menu options come in at under £8, so you don’t have to worry about cost when you choose us!

Dietary restrictions

On a set menu of plated food, there may not be certain options that cater for specific dietary requirements. Buffet caterers can work around any dietary restrictions you might have to produce a selection of food that matches with your specific needs, whatever they might be.

 Focal point

A beautifully put-together buffet provides a natural décor for the venue space that you have chosen to provide catering at. The buffet itself serves as a focal point within the room and makes it far easier for you to plan the layout and crowd movement. Guests that prefer to not socialise as much can refrain from going near the buffet, while those who enjoy getting stuck in and mingling can go right ahead! In this way the buffet acts as a social focal point for the venue and improves the overall experience of the guests.

 If you are looking for a reliable buffet caterer to provide you with delicious and exciting food for your Jubilee party, look no further than Lauren’s Catering.

We are a family run firm and have been catering for the people of Gloucester for over 25 years, so you may well know us already. We are incredibly talented when it comes to cooking up a variety of tasty food. We take pride in delivering a service that leaves our customers feeling best pleased!

Find out more about our buffet catering services here or, discover what else we get up to here at Lauren’s Catering.

How to Plan For Your Jubilee Party

How to Plan For Your Jubilee Party

With The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee just around the corner – beginning on June 2nd and continuing until June 5th – now is the perfect time to get planning for what is set to be a monumental celebration up and down the country. The event marks Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign, with a four-day bank holiday to follow. Here we give you everything you need to know when it comes to planning your Jubilee street party.


Anyone who wants to hold a street party for the Jubilee can do so during the bank holiday weekend. You can plan one yourself, but uniting the road as a group is ideal if you want to really build a sense of community spirit and togetherness! Government advice suggests it might be a good idea to begin planning six weeks in advance – guidance on how to begin doing that can found here.

The earlier you start, the earlier temporary traffic regulations can be put in place to close your road so that you might take advantage of having the whole street at your disposal. A risk assessment may need to be carried out, the forms to which can be found on the aforementioned link.

Should you decide to sell alcohol, or require the playing of loud, amplified music, then you will be needing a Temporary Events Notice. Making sure you’re fully up to date on everything your local council will require for the party to go ahead safely and responsibly is always a good idea.

After receiving approval from your local council, you can begin the all-important job of promoting your party to the neighbours through handwritten leaflets, letters, or WhatsApp groups.


Here at Lauren’s Catering we can provide you with all the catering advice and needs you require! Should you go about the daunting challenge of catering for the whole street, however, there’s some important things you should know. Asking everyone to bring their own drink and dish is a good way to ease the amount of work you have to carry out yourself.

You could either provide plates and cutlery yourself or ask everyone to bring their own – the choice is yours! Also consider ways that you might reduce the amount of waste created by everyone there; having a number of bin liners ready to collect rubbish is always a good idea.

Think about whether you’ll be eating the food standing or sitting; finger food and cold bites are a good idea should you have very little sitting. The Big Lunch has loads of classic British recipes for you to choose from should you need a little inspiration – and remember, if all else fails, you can’t go wrong with cheese and crackers!


Embracing the Jubilee party tradition and transforming the aesthetic of your street is never a bad idea. Union Jack bunting is never a bad idea, and hanging it between houses can create a sense of unity within the community. Flags are also a popular choice, and can be hung from the front of houses or used as tablecloths.  String, lace, and ribbons can be hung from the backs of chairs or table legs to give them a Great British Jubilee makeover!

If you are looking for a reliable buffet caterer to provide you with delicious and exciting food for your Jubilee party, look no further than Lauren’s Catering.

We are incredibly talented when it comes to cooking up a variety of tasty food. We take pride in delivering a service that leaves our customers feeling best pleased!

Find out more about our buffet catering services here or, discover what else we get up to here at Lauren’s Catering.

Extension of our Delivery Services

Extension of our Delivery Services

Here at Lauren’s Catering, we’re pleased to announce the extension of our delivery services to the public and businesses in and around Gloucester!  We have 4 mobile sandwich bars, and they cover different areas around Gloucester and Cheltenham.

Snack Van 1

The area covered is Hempsted, Bristol Road and surrounding areas, Quedgeley, Waterwells and Redmarley.

Snack Van 2

We cover Staverton, Innsworth, St Oswalds, Bristol Road and the surrounding areas.

Snack Van 3

With this van, we cover Stonehouse, Eastington, Moreton Valance, A38 and Wotton under Edge.

Snack Van 4

Covering Brockworth, Churchdown, Painswick, Bristol Road and surrounding areas, Waterwells, Quedgeley, Cheltenham, Kingsditch Industrial Estate, Bishops Cleeve and Knightsbridge.

Our snack vans are a very welcome sight in and around Gloucester and provide a much needed service to both the public at large and businesses.

So, who’s behind Laurens Catering?  Well, Tony Byrne is the man in charge at Lauren’s Catering and has been since day one, some 25 years ago. Having started work in a baker’s at 16, Tony went on to work for three of the biggest bakers in Gloucester before opening his shop on Bristol Road.

It is still there busily trading today and he sees customers who used to buy buns as schoolchildren returning as adults.

You can see our range of snack van products and price list here

Snack vans play an important role in society.  It’s well documented that the benefits of having a sandwich delivery to your office helps employees feel valued, keeps them healthier, increases their energy and therefore productivity, you retain your employees for longer and it’s a great social interaction and team building service.

If you’ve never considered arranging for a snack van to come to your offices, then we’d like to assure you that you can really reap the benefits for your staff and your business!

Extension of our Delivery Services

We’ve extended our delivery services due to popular demand and now have extra capacity to service your staff with our snacks and sandwiches.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01452 382690 or take a look at our website www.laurenscatering.co.uk

Pick up brunch!  5 Reasons why you Should be Dropping by!

Pick up brunch! 5 Reasons why you Should be Dropping by!

Here at Lauren’s Catering, we have many customers that pop into our premises to pick up brunch or breakfast, rather than ordering meals from delivery services.  It got us thinking about why our clients drop in to see us and this is what they told us…

1.  Fresh Air and exercise

It seems that many people enjoy the fresh air and exercise whilst walking to our premises to buy their breakfast or brunch.  The brisk walk there and back helps them build up an appetite and gives them some fresh air that they wouldn’t necessarily get if they were to order their food via an app or phone.

2.  Fresh food

Our customers know that all of our food is freshly prepared and is displayed in such a way that it looks appetising and appealing.  Also, our clients said that they knew where the food was sourced and depending on their choice, they know it’s healthier than many processed options available from other fast food outlets.

3.  The wide choice of food

Because we cater for a wide range of clients, we are able to offer a wide range of choice too!  From full English breakfasts with optional ‘add ons’ to burgers, omelettes, jacket potatoes and chips.  To put this into perspective, we offer 15 different choices of bread and 29 different options of fillings for sandwiches and jackets.  The choice is yours – mix and match and enjoy exactly what you fancy at the time!

4.  Suitable for most budgets

Our clients told us that we represented great value for money too!  Our extensive menu not only caters for choice but also for a range of budgets too!  Our entire range is competitively priced because we take advantage of economies of scale.  We buy our ingredients at wholesale prices so that we can price our finished products keenly.

5.  We provide a friendly service

We are a great team here at Lauren’s Catering and that seems to be reflected onto our clients.  They seem to really appreciate our friendly and efficient service – that’s why they keep coming back time and again!


Having asked our clients what they like about dropping into our premises to pick up breakfast or brunch, we’ve formed the opinion that they come to us for great food, fresh food, choice, value for money and the great atmosphere!

Now, if you’re looking for the above, then why don’t you drop by Laurens Catering and take a look at the mouth-watering range of breakfast and brunch menus we have on offer.  Maybe you’ll be dropping in as part of your daily routine soon!

Tony Byrne is the main man in charge at Lauren’s Catering and has been ever since they started trading, some 25 years ago. Starting work at a local baker’s at the age of 16, Tony went on to gain experience at three of the largest bakers in Gloucester before proudly opening his own shop on Bristol Road.  The shop is still trading today and Tony often sees customers that used to buy sticky buns as school children 25 years ago!

Lauren’s Catering is proud to be a family-run concern. The company was named after 2 ladies – one being Tony’s daughter and the other being Aisling, the Company Secretary.

Laurens Catering currently employs 13 valued staff, many of the core team having been with him for several years.

So, if you’re in the area, drop by and say hello to us at Lauren’s Catering!  if you’d like to know more about our brunch and breakfast menus, take a look at our website here or give us a call on 01452 382 690 – we’d be happy to help!