New Years Eve Party Catering

New Years Eve Party Catering

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to ring in the new year, consider throwing a party. Not only is it a great excuse to get together with friends and family, but you’ll also get to show off your culinary skills with some delicious hors d’oeuvres! Whether you’re planning a small gathering or hosting an extravagant fete, these simple tips will make sure your New Year’s Eve party is everything you hoped it would be (and more).

Time-saving hacks

The New Year’s Eve party is a big day for all of us, but it can also be stressful. It’s easy to get stressed out by the thought of making everything from scratch, especially when you’re hosting a party. There are ways around this though! Here are a few time-saving hacks that will make your life much easier on this special occasion:

  • Plan ahead and make sure you have enough time to cook. Try planning your menus earlier in the week so that you have prepared food ready for when guests arrive or if something needs cooking last minute, then simply pop it in the oven or slow cooker for hours at low temperature so that it cooks while everyone is having fun together.
  • Make your own stocks and sauces – there are plenty of recipes online with step-by-step instructions on how to do this easily without buying anything extra at all! The benefits here include reduced costs (therefore more cash left over), healthier options because they don’t contain preservatives/additives etc., plus they taste better too!

Catering staples

  • Salads
  • Sides
  • Desserts
  • Snacks and appetizers
  • Sauces

Party games

You’re going to need some party games. They won’t take up much room, they’re simple enough that anyone can play them, and they’ll keep your guests laughing and having fun all night long. Here are some of our favorites:

  • The blindfold game: To play this one, get a big bowl of water and fill it about halfway with ice cubes. Blindfold one person and give them three pieces of paper in each hand—two cards and one slip of paper with “water” written on it (you can use any word that isn’t “ice”). Have everyone else stand back from the bowl so the blindfolded person can’t see who’s standing where. Then give the signal to start! Have everyone say their name as they walk toward the blindfolded player who only has 30 seconds to guess who’s behind each mask by touching their face or body with his/her hand without moving his/her eyes from under his/her blindfold or looking at their own reflection in the nearby mirror (if there is one). If he/she guesses right before time runs out then whoever it was gets wet; if not then whoever was guessed correctly stays dry! This game is great because even though there are multiple players involved at once—and therefore potential for chaos—the rules are really simple so no one gets confused about how things work when everyone starts running around laughing at each other’s silly attempts at guessing correctly without being able to see anything but darkness all around them


Cocktails are the perfect way to ring in the new year. They taste great, they’re easy to make ahead of time, and they’re sure to impress your guests.

You can make some of them in large batches and serve them individually or you can prepare them for several people at once. There are also cocktails that have no alcohol (or only a little bit) if that’s what you want! You can even serve yours in mason jars if you want it to look extra cute.

Finishing touches

  • Decoration: A warm and welcoming atmosphere is key to a successful New Year’s Eve party. Your guests will feel much more comfortable if you have beautiful decorations such as floral displays, candles or even a simple string of lights to make the space feel magical.
  • Music: Make sure you choose the music carefully so that it matches with what your guests like listening to. If you are catering for adults, then some upbeat tunes would be perfect; but if there are children invited as well then perhaps something more soothing would work better – maybe even some classical music!
  • Games: Just like other parties, there must be games at this one too! What could be better than staying up until midnight with friends while playing games? You can try traditional games like ‘Guess Who?’ or ‘Password’ or go for something new like ‘Pictionary’.
  • Food: The food is an important part of any party so don’t forget about it! Whether you want something fancy with champagne or just simple snacks served on plates, think about what would work best according to your budget and taste preferences before making any decisions regarding food choices because they’ll affect how much money gets spent overall during preparation stages.”

Make sure you’re prepared with a great menu and easy-to-make drinks

The night before your New Year’s party, make sure you’re prepared.

  • Make sure you have a backup plan in case you run out of food.
  • Make sure you have enough drinks to go around. There’s nothing worse than running out of alcohol and having thirsty guests roaming around your house looking for something else to drink.
  • Make sure your guests are having fun! Be present and enjoy yourself! Remember that this is an important gathering for all involved—casual or formal—so make it count!


A New Year’s Eve party is a great way to celebrate the new year with friends and family, and by following our tips for a delicious menu, fun games, easy-to-make cocktails and festive decorations, your party is sure to be an event to remember!

The Best Workplace Christmas Party Catering

The Best Workplace Christmas Party Catering

For many people, Christmas is all about spending time with family and friends. If you work in an office, then chances are that you like to do the same. You might even be thinking about throwing a company Christmas party for your colleagues to celebrate the festive season and spend some quality time together outside of work. But how do you make sure that everyone has fun? The answer is simple—book workplace catering! Of course, you can do the catering for your christmas party yourself but finding the time to do so is not easy, especially around Christmas time. There is the time to go shopping for all the food, planning the options, making sandwiches and having the fridge space to store it all. Don’t worry Lauren’s Catering can solve this problem for you.

One of the biggest headaches when planning a buffet is what food to include, here are some of top choices…

Light finger food options
For a workplace party, there are certain rules to follow when choosing food that will go down well with your colleagues. Here are some ideas:
● Light finger food options, such as mini quiches and mini sandwiches.
● Food that can easily be eaten by hand without utensils or plates.
● Food that doesn’t require a lot of chewing, because some people may be nervous about speaking in front of their boss at this event and may not want to talk with their mouth full!
● Easy-to-digest snacks like crackers or fruit slices so no one feels too full after eating them

Delicious sandwiches
Sandwiches are a great option for Christmas parties as they can be served either hot or cold, and are perfect for serving both vegetarians and those with dietary requirements. Most sandwiches contain bread, but wraps and pitta bread are also popular alternatives. You could even serve a sandwich that uses tortillas instead of bread if you wanted! Sandwiches can be made using just about anything you can think of – meat, cheese, vegetables or fish – so there’s no limit to your creativity when creating these delicious treats. We can also provide Gluten free options if required

Savoury Snacks
● Pizza
● Kebabs
● Pasta
● Crisps
● Chicken Wings
● Salads (e.g.: potato, pasta, fish or chicken)
● Mini Indian treats

Sweet treats
Everyone loves a sweet treat at their buffet, this can include:
● cake
● cupcakes
● muffins
● pastry
● desserts

Set Menus
If you visit our website, you will find various set meus and their prices but if this doesn’t quite hit the spot for you don’t worry! We can tailor your buffet to suit your needs, including any dietary requirements you and your team may have.

Book your party catering today!
If you’re planning a Christmas party but haven’t reserved your catering yet, it may be worth considering booking this now. Christmas is a busy time of year for any catering company so to ensure we can meet your needs call us today to discuss your requirements. We wouldn’t want you to wait to late and we cannot meet your requirements!

To find out more about our catering services visit or give us a call on 01452 382690

The 6 benefits of sandwich deliveries to offices

The 6 benefits of sandwich deliveries to offices

Working practices are constantly changing and good employers are always looking for new initiatives to keep their staff happy and productive.

Let’s face it, no business owner wants their staff to be unhealthy, miserable or unproductive – it’s not good for their employee or their business.  And we all know that one negative employee can have a knock on effect on their colleagues too, bringing your entire staff to despair!   Not a great place to be in if you’re wanting to get maximum output from your workforce!

So, here’s our 6 benefits of sandwich deliveries to work premises – both to staff and employers alike:

  1. Employees feel valued

To know that you, as their boss, have taken the time to select a reputable sandwich delivery company to come to your premises for the benefit of your staff, makes them feel really valued and part of the team.

  1. Healthier employees

A good sandwich delivery company will offer a range of goods, including many healthy option choices for your staff.  Because of this choice, they’re more tempted to try out new items they wouldn’t necessarily try if they were to buy the ingredients themselves.  And the other benefit is that peers very often stick together – if one colleague is choosing healthier options, the chances are that they will influence their workmates to do the same!

  1. Increased energy

When you engage with a sandwich delivery company to come to your premises, they usually pitch up at the same time every day.  You may not think this is important, but if you consider the energy levels of your staff and their work schedules, they will know when they’re going to get a break in order to restore their energy levels for the work tasks of the afternoon.  Equally, if they have a task to complete that day, you’ll be amazed how quickly it can get finished if they know when their food is being delivered!

  1. Increased productivity

Following on from point 3, the more energy your employees have, the more productive they’ll be.  And if there’s a task that’s bogging them down, you’ll be surprised by how a regular, diverse and welcoming sandwich delivery can be!

  1. Employee retention

It’s a well-known fact, that if you’re good to your employees, have their interests at heart and offer benefits over and above the standard work contract, you’re bound to retain your staff for longer.  Employing good staff is paramount to the growth of your business, but having to continually replace them because they’ve resigned, is a very costly exercise indeed!  And if you’re looking after them, even a mediocre employee could surprise you!

  1. Social interaction and team building

Probably one of the biggest benefits to contracting a sandwich delivery company is the fact that it provides an opportunity for your staff to socially interact with each other and form great working bonds.  Team building is particularly important in business, because at the end of the day, if your employees are not all singing from the same hymn sheet, so to speak, they’ll be implications for your customers.

Also, if you’ve got a project that involves different departments that need to work together, they’ll have the opportunity to get to know one another personally over lunch.  And this will develop into better cohesion when working through projects together.

A win-win situation for both employees and business owners!  We are Laurens Catering – professional catering services in Gloucestershire, with over 25 years’ experience in sandwich deliveries and specialist buffets.  If you want some more information, please visit our website or give us a call on 01452 382 690.  We’d be happy to help!

How to Plan a Successful Christmas Party

How to Plan a Successful Christmas Party

Planning your Christmas party should be an incredibly exciting thing to do! Although, there is quite a lot that you will need to get done.

Whether it is your first time planning a Christmas party or you are a well-seasoned expert at it, it is always important to plan and have a focused view when planning it. Not only does this guarantee that you will have a lovely time but, it will also guarantee that all of your guests will have a great time too!

We cater for a variety of events but, we absolutely cannot deny just how excited we get when it comes to Christmas catering events! Nothing quite beats the magic of Christmas… that is why we wanted to share with you a brilliant guide to help you get your Christmas party planned ahead of time!

Here is our take on how to plan a successful Christmas Party…


1.      Find and book the ideal venue.

The venue can really make or break a Christmas party. Ensure that the venue you choose can not only meet the capacity but, also provides the right facilities and is located somewhere that is either close to the majority or has good transport links nearby.


2.      Provide a variety of entertainment for your Christmas party guests.

Entertainment is crucial for keeping your guests happy and occupied throughout the party. Anything from stand-up comedians, light shows, circus acts or even live artists can be the perfect addition to a successful Christmas party.


3.      Choose a theme for your Christmas Party.

Themes are a brilliant way to get your guests excited and engaged with your party. You will also be surprised to see just how creative your guests can be – especially when it comes to DIY costume making! Plus, there are so many themes to choose from, you are bound to find one that works best for you!


4.      Decorate the venue.

Add the finishing touches to your venue by expertly decorating it with delightful décor! You don’t have to necessarily blow the budget on décor, as you could easily DIY it or source it from cheap/second-hand places. Don’t forget to put up a Christmas tree, after all… it is Christmas!


5.      Hire a reputable caterer to deliver tasty food for your Christmas party.

Ensure that you hire a trusted and reputable catering company such as us at Laurens Catering to deliver exceptional food for your party. Don’t forget to factor in all of your guests’ dietary requirements (read how to do so here) and let the caterers know in advance!


6.      Organise any travel or overnight stays for your Christmas party guests.

For those guests who are visiting from afar, why not help them find a place to stay overnight? That way they can fully enjoy the party and know that they don’t have to leave early due to travel. Don’t forget those who wish to drink may prefer to spend the night in a hotel too, or they may need a prearranged taxi. Provide all the details to your guests to ensure that they get to enjoy the party fully!


Hopefully, this has helped give you some direction as to how to plan a successful Christmas party. If you are looking for a great caterer that you can rely on, you now know who to come to!

We would absolutely love to play a part in your Christmas party this year, so why not get in touch and find out how we can help.

Until then, we wish you all the best and a very merry (and rather early) Christmas.

How to Accommodate your Guests Dietary Requirements

How to Accommodate your Guests Dietary Requirements

Planning an event can feel rather overwhelming. There is of course, plenty of excitement to be had when picking a venue, theme and decoration. Despite this, many people struggle when it comes to picking the right buffet caterer and accommodating their guest’s dietary requirements.

As a trusted and experienced caterer, we understand how important it is that you find the right buffet caterer for you who can also meet those specific dietary requirements.

That is why we have put together this informative helpful guide that will cover everything you need to know on how to accommodate your guest’s dietary requirements!


How can I accommodate my guest’s dietary requirements?


The first step starts with you!

As this is your event, you get to pick and choose who you would like to make your guest/s. Whether you ask them via a card, email, message or call – make sure you ask them if they have any specific dietary requirements.

There are a few reasons why your guest may have a certain dietary requirement, it could be because of:

Them having an allergy – It is common to have a friend or family member that has an allergy, in fact, it has been estimated that 2 million people have a diagnosed food allergy in the UK. This may mean that they are allergic to nuts, soy, eggs, shellfish, fish or something else more specific.

An intolerance – You may find a guest has specified that they are intolerant. They may say they are gluten, lactose, salicylate or caffeine intolerant (to name a few!) and they could even be intolerant to multiple things.

Their religion – If you have friends or family that are religious, it is worth asking them what their dietary requirements are or if they are currently celebrating a religious festival. There are certain foods of which cannot be eaten by individuals who are of that religion.

A health issue – A guest could be diabetic, or have high/low blood sugar levels or may even be on a restricted diet.

Their lifestyle – Of course, some friends and family may have a more personal dietary requirement that they have chosen. This could be that they are vegetarian, vegan or pescatarian. They may also be following a specific diet such as Keto or Paleo.


It is incredibly important to supply all dietary requirements to your buffet caterer prior to the event. This will give the caterer time to safely prepare food in advance. Failure to do so could lead you to have lots of food waste and on the more serious side, could put your guest/s in danger of feeling unwell or suffering from anaphylaxis.


How will my caterer accommodate my guest’s dietary requirements?


Once you have supplied your buffet caterer with adequate information regarding the dietary requirements of your guests, you can ask the following:


How will you cater to all of my guest’s dietary requirements?

What can I do to ensure that the food is served safely and is kept separate from other foods whilst at my event?

Is there any more information you need me to provide?


You can also expect an expert catering company such as Lauren’s Catering to:


Follow all regulations – We ensure that whilst preparing, delivering and laying out your food, you can count on us to actively follow all key regulations. Both you and your guest/s safety are our utmost priority. We go above and beyond to ensure that all staff practice safe food and hygiene standards.

Provide delicious food – We often hear about those with dietary restrictions being left out when it comes to food. Whether they can’t eat anything that is served, food has been cross-contaminated or the food that they are given is subpar, we understand how frustrating this can be. That is why we will do our very best to accommodate all dietary requirements but, will also provide adventurous and delicious food for them to enjoy!


If you are looking for a reliable buffet caterer to provide you with delicious and exciting food for your event, look no further than Lauren’s Catering.

We are incredibly talented when it comes to cooking up a variety of tasty food. We take pride in delivering a service that leaves our customers feeling best pleased!

Find out more about our buffet catering services here or, discover what else we get up to here at Lauren’s Catering.