At Lauren’s Catering we understand the importance of a good buffet, and so we offer buffet catering for a range of different functions that include birthdays, children’s parties, christenings, corporate events, funerals, family gatherings and weddings. Buffets are usually a popular option amongst the British public, but what really are the benefits to buffet catering? We thought it would be worth giving you an insight into why we think buffets are such a great catering option!


First and foremost, buffets offer a fantastic possibility for true variety. While plated meals can limit guests to a couple of pre-selected menu options, a buffet allows guests to access a wide spread of deliciously different dishes, prepared by a professional catering service capable of offering high-quality snackable foods. Since the food can be supplied garnished on platters and delivered by refrigerated vehicles, you won’t lose the quality you have come to expect from pre-selected meals.


More than anything, a buffet encourages greater socialisation and the development of personal connections, since people tend to stay seated at their tables when plated meals are served. When there is a buffet around, people get up and move through the line, giving them an opportunity to interact with other guests, mingle and socialise. They might meet someone new or stop at a friend’s table on the way back from the buffet line.

Appetite considerations

Because plated meals are served in typically standard portions, they don’t take into consideration the different appetites that guests might have. Someone who has been too preoccupied to eat might find portions insufficient, while someone who doesn’t have much of an appetite might have food left on their plate. With a buffet, guests are able to take what they like dependent on their appetite, so the personalisation improves the quality of the buffet.


Buffets are typically less expensive than plated meal options. Because meals of this kind can be made in bulk and don’t have to be presented in separate portions, buffet caterers can eliminate the cost required by employing extra serving staff. At Lauren’s Catering, all of our tasty menu options come in at under £8, so you don’t have to worry about cost when you choose us!

Dietary restrictions

On a set menu of plated food, there may not be certain options that cater for specific dietary requirements. Buffet caterers can work around any dietary restrictions you might have to produce a selection of food that matches with your specific needs, whatever they might be.

 Focal point

A beautifully put-together buffet provides a natural décor for the venue space that you have chosen to provide catering at. The buffet itself serves as a focal point within the room and makes it far easier for you to plan the layout and crowd movement. Guests that prefer to not socialise as much can refrain from going near the buffet, while those who enjoy getting stuck in and mingling can go right ahead! In this way the buffet acts as a social focal point for the venue and improves the overall experience of the guests.

 If you are looking for a reliable buffet caterer to provide you with delicious and exciting food for your Jubilee party, look no further than Lauren’s Catering.

We are a family run firm and have been catering for the people of Gloucester for over 25 years, so you may well know us already. We are incredibly talented when it comes to cooking up a variety of tasty food. We take pride in delivering a service that leaves our customers feeling best pleased!

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