Here at Lauren’s Catering, we have many customers that pop into our premises to pick up brunch or breakfast, rather than ordering meals from delivery services.  It got us thinking about why our clients drop in to see us and this is what they told us…

1.  Fresh Air and exercise

It seems that many people enjoy the fresh air and exercise whilst walking to our premises to buy their breakfast or brunch.  The brisk walk there and back helps them build up an appetite and gives them some fresh air that they wouldn’t necessarily get if they were to order their food via an app or phone.

2.  Fresh food

Our customers know that all of our food is freshly prepared and is displayed in such a way that it looks appetising and appealing.  Also, our clients said that they knew where the food was sourced and depending on their choice, they know it’s healthier than many processed options available from other fast food outlets.

3.  The wide choice of food

Because we cater for a wide range of clients, we are able to offer a wide range of choice too!  From full English breakfasts with optional ‘add ons’ to burgers, omelettes, jacket potatoes and chips.  To put this into perspective, we offer 15 different choices of bread and 29 different options of fillings for sandwiches and jackets.  The choice is yours – mix and match and enjoy exactly what you fancy at the time!

4.  Suitable for most budgets

Our clients told us that we represented great value for money too!  Our extensive menu not only caters for choice but also for a range of budgets too!  Our entire range is competitively priced because we take advantage of economies of scale.  We buy our ingredients at wholesale prices so that we can price our finished products keenly.

5.  We provide a friendly service

We are a great team here at Lauren’s Catering and that seems to be reflected onto our clients.  They seem to really appreciate our friendly and efficient service – that’s why they keep coming back time and again!


Having asked our clients what they like about dropping into our premises to pick up breakfast or brunch, we’ve formed the opinion that they come to us for great food, fresh food, choice, value for money and the great atmosphere!

Now, if you’re looking for the above, then why don’t you drop by Laurens Catering and take a look at the mouth-watering range of breakfast and brunch menus we have on offer.  Maybe you’ll be dropping in as part of your daily routine soon!

Tony Byrne is the main man in charge at Lauren’s Catering and has been ever since they started trading, some 25 years ago. Starting work at a local baker’s at the age of 16, Tony went on to gain experience at three of the largest bakers in Gloucester before proudly opening his own shop on Bristol Road.  The shop is still trading today and Tony often sees customers that used to buy sticky buns as school children 25 years ago!

Lauren’s Catering is proud to be a family-run concern. The company was named after 2 ladies – one being Tony’s daughter and the other being Aisling, the Company Secretary.

Laurens Catering currently employs 13 valued staff, many of the core team having been with him for several years.

So, if you’re in the area, drop by and say hello to us at Lauren’s Catering!  if you’d like to know more about our brunch and breakfast menus, take a look at our website here or give us a call on 01452 382 690 – we’d be happy to help!