I expect you know that for events featuring dining there are generally two methods: table service or buffet.

We specialise in buffet service and here are the reasons why:

  • Table service is time consuming, especially for large events with lots of attendees. Buffet service is much easier to organise.
  • With buffets the attendees can suit themselves as to which dishes they would like and how much they want.
  • We find there tends to be much less food wasted compared with table service.
  • There is no unnecessary waiting while other tables are served. You can also inspect the dishes before choosing the ones you want.
  • Buffets are much more sociable events. You have the opportunity to chat with other guests as you queue for your food.  There is also the chance to move to another table to avoid being bored rigid by dull table companions.
  • From the organiser’s point of view, buffets are more cost effective than table service as fewer staff need be employed.

If you need a buffet on the Gloucestershire area for a business event, wedding or gathering of friends and family, do give us a call on 01452 422940 to find out how we can help.