Whether you’ve heard about the TikTok tortilla hack trend or not, I’m here to talk about what it is and to give a few filling ideas if you want to try it yourself.

At Lauren’s Catering, we know how important a good lunch is. Sometimes plain sandwiches can get a bit boring. That’s why we offer a variety of different lunch options to keep your lunch exciting. Although our snack vans are still operating as normal, a lot of you are now working from home. One way that people working from home have been keeping their lunches exciting is with the TikTok tortilla hack.

You may or may not have seen the tortilla hack trend on TikTok. Even if you’re not a user of TikTok, the various viral videos have been hard to miss across other social media channels. With TikTok allowing users to post short and quick videos, it’s not surprising that it has been popular for sharing quick ‘hacks’. Many of us have been introduced to various hacks through the platform but one that has really caught on is the tortilla hack – it really is a game-changer!

What is the tortilla hack?

We all know the common way of using a tortilla wrap. You put your filling in the middle and you roll it up, sometimes folding the top and bottom to stop the filling from falling out. However, users of TikTok have been sharing a hack that allows you to enjoy your wrap in a different way. The result of the tortilla hack is a quesadilla-shaped sandwich with 3 or 4 layers of filling. The folding technique used makes it easier to eat and keeps ‘spillage’ to a minimum.

How do you make a wrap using the tortilla hack?

Using the tortilla hack to make your own wrap is super easy. It simply involves making a strategically placed cut across half of the tortilla wrap. This allows you to fold it over itself several times, creating separate layers of filling.

Put simply, all you need to do once you have made your cut is to put a different filling in each corner. Once you’ve done that you fold it up and round. Most people then grill it using a sandwich press until brown and crispy.  If you don’t have one of these, you can easily get it toasty in a frying pan until it is nice and brown.

Here’s a quick step-by-step visual guide to show you:

Lauren's blog tortilla hack steps

What can you make with the tortilla hack?

This technique is extremely versatile. You can mix and match any fillings that you want and can create indulgent wraps, vegan wraps, health wraps or even dessert wraps. Whatever food you fancy, there is a way to utilise this TikTok hack!


Here are some recipe suggestions…

Classic Ham & Cheese Wrap

  • Ham Slices
  • Grated Cheese
  • Fresh Rocket
  • Sliced Tomatoes

Pizza Wrap

  • Grated Cheese
  • Marinara Sauce
  • Sliced Mushrooms
  • Pepperoni

Cheeseburger Wrap

  • Sliced Pickled Gherkins
  • Sliced Burger (Cooked)
  • Grated Cheese
  • Extra Toppings (Tomato, Lettuce etc.)

Breakfast Wrap

  • Mayo or Ketchup
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Crispy Bacon
  • Fresh Salad

Dessert Wrap

  • Nutella
  • Peanut Butter
  • Sliced Strawberries
  • Sliced Bananas