Breakfast has to be termed the ‘most important meal of the day.’ But why is that? While this might be slightly overexaggerated, there’s good reason to suggest that breakfast can be such an important meal. Replenishing glucose levels in the body to boost alertness and energy levels in the morning is the least of it. Here we cover some of the most fundamental reasons why breakfast is so important, and don’t forget, Lauren’s Catering are here to help should you need some tasty food options!


The body’s main source of energy comes from glucose. This simple sugar is broken down and later absorbed from carbohydrates that you consume. The body will store most of the energy that it gets as fat, but your body can also store some of the glucose that it gets as glycogen, mostly in your liver. In the morning, glycogen stores are at their lowest. Once all of the glycogen stores have been effectively used up, the body will begin breaking down fatty acids to produce the kind of energy that is needed. Without carbohydrates, however, fatty acids are just partially oxidised, reducing your energy levels.

Eating breakfast can boost your levels of energy and restore glycogen levels to what they should be, keeping your metabolism where it should be for the day.

Essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins

Breakfast foods tend to be rich in key nutrients such as iron, folate, calcium, fibre, and B vitamins. Breakfast provides plenty of your day’s total overall nutrient intake. People who consume breakfast are more likely than others to meet the recommended daily intake of minerals and vitamins.

Weight control

It’s true that those who consume breakfast are not as likely to be obese or overweight. This may because it prevents larger fluctuations in blood glucose levels, helping to control your appetite. It could also be because breakfast fills you up before you start becoming ravenously hungry, so it makes you less likely to grab whatever food is around when hunger strikes.

Brain health

Not eating breakfast can lead some people to feel sluggish and a loss of focus. This might be because the brain has not received the energy, or glucose, that it truly needs in order to get going. There have been studies which suggest that not having breakfast can affect your psychological performance, including abilities to concentrate, attention, and memory. This can subsequently make certain tasks feel much harder than it normally would.

 Better food decisions

Compared with those who choose not to have breakfast, people who frequently eat breakfast will tend to have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity. There is additional evidence which suggests that people who choose not consume breakfast might be at a higher risk of diseases such as cardiovascular.

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