For many people, Christmas is all about spending time with family and friends. If you work in an office, then chances are that you like to do the same. You might even be thinking about throwing a company Christmas party for your colleagues to celebrate the festive season and spend some quality time together outside of work. But how do you make sure that everyone has fun? The answer is simple—book workplace catering! Of course, you can do the catering for your christmas party yourself but finding the time to do so is not easy, especially around Christmas time. There is the time to go shopping for all the food, planning the options, making sandwiches and having the fridge space to store it all. Don’t worry Lauren’s Catering can solve this problem for you.

One of the biggest headaches when planning a buffet is what food to include, here are some of top choices…

Light finger food options
For a workplace party, there are certain rules to follow when choosing food that will go down well with your colleagues. Here are some ideas:
● Light finger food options, such as mini quiches and mini sandwiches.
● Food that can easily be eaten by hand without utensils or plates.
● Food that doesn’t require a lot of chewing, because some people may be nervous about speaking in front of their boss at this event and may not want to talk with their mouth full!
● Easy-to-digest snacks like crackers or fruit slices so no one feels too full after eating them

Delicious sandwiches
Sandwiches are a great option for Christmas parties as they can be served either hot or cold, and are perfect for serving both vegetarians and those with dietary requirements. Most sandwiches contain bread, but wraps and pitta bread are also popular alternatives. You could even serve a sandwich that uses tortillas instead of bread if you wanted! Sandwiches can be made using just about anything you can think of – meat, cheese, vegetables or fish – so there’s no limit to your creativity when creating these delicious treats. We can also provide Gluten free options if required

Savoury Snacks
● Pizza
● Kebabs
● Pasta
● Crisps
● Chicken Wings
● Salads (e.g.: potato, pasta, fish or chicken)
● Mini Indian treats

Sweet treats
Everyone loves a sweet treat at their buffet, this can include:
● cake
● cupcakes
● muffins
● pastry
● desserts

Set Menus
If you visit our website, you will find various set meus and their prices but if this doesn’t quite hit the spot for you don’t worry! We can tailor your buffet to suit your needs, including any dietary requirements you and your team may have.

Book your party catering today!
If you’re planning a Christmas party but haven’t reserved your catering yet, it may be worth considering booking this now. Christmas is a busy time of year for any catering company so to ensure we can meet your needs call us today to discuss your requirements. We wouldn’t want you to wait to late and we cannot meet your requirements!

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