4 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Caterer

4 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Caterer

We’re all excited to soon be able to continue with big events such as weddings and birthday parties. If you’re looking to book an event this year, there are many benefits of hiring a professional caterer.

With the announcement of a ‘roadmap out of lockdown’ we’re all excited that by late spring/early summer we will hopefully be able to attend family events again. When organising any event there are a number of things to plan and consider. These include location, music, cake, decorations and a guest list. Undoubtedly, one of the most important things to plan is the food. When it comes to food it can start to get stressful. This is because you have to think about what food you want, how much you’ll need and organise the making of the food. Hiring a professional caterer can ease this stress and make the planning process and the day itself go more smoothly.

Here are 4 benefits of hiring a professional caterer for your event:

1.      Food Tailored to You

Food is a very personal thing and there are a lot of bases to cover when it comes to catering for an event. With a professional caterer you get a wide variety of food options ideal for any event or gathering. Plus, you have the option to mix and match meaning that you can make sure that you will have something every guest will enjoy.

There are also a lot of dietary requirements to keep in mind too. Many events often need gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian or vegan options as well. A professional caterer will have other menu items that will meet the needs of those who require alternative food options.

2.      Professional Caterer Means Professional Service

Another benefit of hiring a professional caterer, you can rest assured that you will be receiving a first-class service. With their extensive experience in the industry, any professional should be able to serve high-quality food with every detail taken into account. A high attention to detail is used to ensure perfect food with perfect presentation. Top-quality service and food is the trademark of a professional caterer who has numerous years of experience in the industry.

3.      Delivered on Time

One of the highlights of having a professional caterer provide food for your event is that you can have peace of mind that your food will be delivered on time. Any established caterer will know the routine like the back of their hand. This means that they’ll remain in-sync with any event planner or coordinator at all times. Doing this ensures that your food is prepared, cooked and delivered at the right times. The whole operation will be executed perfectly and you and your guests will receive your food when promised. The last thing you want is hungry party people!

4.      Take a Weight Off Your Shoulders

Organising an event can get very overwhelming very quickly. There are so many things to plan, schedule and organise. Handing over the stressful task of arranging the food to a professional caterer can take a big weight off your shoulders. Doing this will leave you to enjoy your event and leave your tensions at the door. Everything relating to the food will be handled by the caterer. With a professional, you can count on them to make your event a success.

At Lauren’s Catering we pride ourselves on our high-quality food and timely service. We are an experienced catering team and can cater to specific dietary requirements as needed. We cater for birthday parties, weddings, family gatherings christenings and more. If you’re thinking of arranging a special event this year, get in touch to start organising your food today.

The TikTok Tortilla Hack Trend

The TikTok Tortilla Hack Trend

Whether you’ve heard about the TikTok tortilla hack trend or not, I’m here to talk about what it is and to give a few filling ideas if you want to try it yourself.

At Lauren’s Catering, we know how important a good lunch is. Sometimes plain sandwiches can get a bit boring. That’s why we offer a variety of different lunch options to keep your lunch exciting. Although our snack vans are still operating as normal, a lot of you are now working from home. One way that people working from home have been keeping their lunches exciting is with the TikTok tortilla hack.

You may or may not have seen the tortilla hack trend on TikTok. Even if you’re not a user of TikTok, the various viral videos have been hard to miss across other social media channels. With TikTok allowing users to post short and quick videos, it’s not surprising that it has been popular for sharing quick ‘hacks’. Many of us have been introduced to various hacks through the platform but one that has really caught on is the tortilla hack – it really is a game-changer!

What is the tortilla hack?

We all know the common way of using a tortilla wrap. You put your filling in the middle and you roll it up, sometimes folding the top and bottom to stop the filling from falling out. However, users of TikTok have been sharing a hack that allows you to enjoy your wrap in a different way. The result of the tortilla hack is a quesadilla-shaped sandwich with 3 or 4 layers of filling. The folding technique used makes it easier to eat and keeps ‘spillage’ to a minimum.

How do you make a wrap using the tortilla hack?

Using the tortilla hack to make your own wrap is super easy. It simply involves making a strategically placed cut across half of the tortilla wrap. This allows you to fold it over itself several times, creating separate layers of filling.

Put simply, all you need to do once you have made your cut is to put a different filling in each corner. Once you’ve done that you fold it up and round. Most people then grill it using a sandwich press until brown and crispy.  If you don’t have one of these, you can easily get it toasty in a frying pan until it is nice and brown.

Here’s a quick step-by-step visual guide to show you:

Lauren's blog tortilla hack steps

What can you make with the tortilla hack?

This technique is extremely versatile. You can mix and match any fillings that you want and can create indulgent wraps, vegan wraps, health wraps or even dessert wraps. Whatever food you fancy, there is a way to utilise this TikTok hack!


Here are some recipe suggestions…

Classic Ham & Cheese Wrap

  • Ham Slices
  • Grated Cheese
  • Fresh Rocket
  • Sliced Tomatoes

Pizza Wrap

  • Grated Cheese
  • Marinara Sauce
  • Sliced Mushrooms
  • Pepperoni

Cheeseburger Wrap

  • Sliced Pickled Gherkins
  • Sliced Burger (Cooked)
  • Grated Cheese
  • Extra Toppings (Tomato, Lettuce etc.)

Breakfast Wrap

  • Mayo or Ketchup
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Crispy Bacon
  • Fresh Salad

Dessert Wrap

  • Nutella
  • Peanut Butter
  • Sliced Strawberries
  • Sliced Bananas
Helping the Community: What We’ve Been Doing

Helping the Community: What We’ve Been Doing

Before Christmas, we talked about how we had been doing our bit for the community and more specifically the NHS throughout last year. We were proud to be able to provide breakfast for the COVID-19 unit at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. We also donated over 4,000 pairs of gloves. You can read more about what we did last year in our November blog.

We are really passionate about doing our bit where we can. Since November we have done even more to help out our local community. As we have mentioned before, we think having access to a good meal is essential, particularly when you are tired and stressed. We know that a lot of our keyworkers and NHS staff don’t have time to make sure that they are getting enough food, that’s why we wanted to help.

Breakfast For NHS Staff

On 23rd December 2020, we donated a breakfast morning to NHS paramedic and ambulance staff. We really wanted to thank them for their efforts throughout the year and for their continued commitment over the holiday period.

NHS worker enjoying a Lauren's Catering baguette

Donation to Local Vaccination Clinic

On New Year’s Eve we made a special delivery to the Covid vaccination clinic at Hucclecote Surgery. We donated lunches to all of the staff, including some of our best sandwiches complete with snacks. It’s safe to say they were all happily received.Selection of sandwiches and crisps donated to Hucclecote Surgery

Rosebank Health

We also donated lunch to Rosebank Surgery on 6th January. They have been working hard vaccinating patients against Covid-19 and we wanted to show them that they had the support of the community. It was also a great way to show our thanks for all that they have been doing throughout the pandemic.

Rosebank surgery lunch donation

We wanted to take some time to say thank you to all frontline workers and NHS staff. They have continued to help our country throughout these trying times. I’m sure that we will all be forever thankful for their dedication to helping their people. Especially throughout what has been a strenuous and unprecedented period in our history. We will continue to help out where we can, even if it’s just making sure that they have access to a good nutritious lunch!

If you’d like to keep up to date with what we’ve been up to, you can follow us on Facebook. If you have any question about what we do and our food, feel free to get in touch. We would be happy to help!