Planning your Christmas party should be an incredibly exciting thing to do! Although, there is quite a lot that you will need to get done.

Whether it is your first time planning a Christmas party or you are a well-seasoned expert at it, it is always important to plan and have a focused view when planning it. Not only does this guarantee that you will have a lovely time but, it will also guarantee that all of your guests will have a great time too!

We cater for a variety of events but, we absolutely cannot deny just how excited we get when it comes to Christmas catering events! Nothing quite beats the magic of Christmas… that is why we wanted to share with you a brilliant guide to help you get your Christmas party planned ahead of time!

Here is our take on how to plan a successful Christmas Party…


1.      Find and book the ideal venue.

The venue can really make or break a Christmas party. Ensure that the venue you choose can not only meet the capacity but, also provides the right facilities and is located somewhere that is either close to the majority or has good transport links nearby.


2.      Provide a variety of entertainment for your Christmas party guests.

Entertainment is crucial for keeping your guests happy and occupied throughout the party. Anything from stand-up comedians, light shows, circus acts or even live artists can be the perfect addition to a successful Christmas party.


3.      Choose a theme for your Christmas Party.

Themes are a brilliant way to get your guests excited and engaged with your party. You will also be surprised to see just how creative your guests can be – especially when it comes to DIY costume making! Plus, there are so many themes to choose from, you are bound to find one that works best for you!


4.      Decorate the venue.

Add the finishing touches to your venue by expertly decorating it with delightful décor! You don’t have to necessarily blow the budget on décor, as you could easily DIY it or source it from cheap/second-hand places. Don’t forget to put up a Christmas tree, after all… it is Christmas!


5.      Hire a reputable caterer to deliver tasty food for your Christmas party.

Ensure that you hire a trusted and reputable catering company such as us at Laurens Catering to deliver exceptional food for your party. Don’t forget to factor in all of your guests’ dietary requirements (read how to do so here) and let the caterers know in advance!


6.      Organise any travel or overnight stays for your Christmas party guests.

For those guests who are visiting from afar, why not help them find a place to stay overnight? That way they can fully enjoy the party and know that they don’t have to leave early due to travel. Don’t forget those who wish to drink may prefer to spend the night in a hotel too, or they may need a prearranged taxi. Provide all the details to your guests to ensure that they get to enjoy the party fully!


Hopefully, this has helped give you some direction as to how to plan a successful Christmas party. If you are looking for a great caterer that you can rely on, you now know who to come to!

We would absolutely love to play a part in your Christmas party this year, so why not get in touch and find out how we can help.

Until then, we wish you all the best and a very merry (and rather early) Christmas.